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Years 7-10 English


Years 7-10 English

Our Years 7-10 English program will have lessons consisting of a lecture and discussion. Our lectures will cover the topics learnt for the current week. The lessons will be taught by teachers who are well experienced and familiar with Australian education syllabus and system. Each lesson will go for 1 hour.


Students will also be prepared for HSC English, as we ensure thorough readiness for the senior level curriculum. Our lessons will include dedicated discussion time, allowing students to ask questions and address any difficulties they may have. The class size will be limited to no more than 5 students, ensuring active participation and engagement in class discussions from all students.

Essay Writing

Our writing programs focus on developing students' technical and creative writing skills. By providing constant supervision and support from our teachers, we offer children opportunities to grasp complex concepts and achieve academic success.

This program aims to enhance students' narrative, descriptive, persuasive, and explanatory writing skills, enabling them to become proficient writers across all subject areas. The course is tailored to address each student's individual writing needs, fostering confidence and proficiency.

In this course students will learn

  • to read and analyse various texts

  • to identify the features and format of a variety of text types

  • to write in different text types

  • to develop and extend comprehension

  • to develop and extend vocabulary

  • to use correct grammar and punctuation

  • to engage in comprehensive analysis of newspaper articles - (secondary levels)

What our Years 7-10 Students will develop

Increase knowledge of English

In the Years 7-10 English program, students will be introduced to basic science concepts to help build their understanding.

Interpreting data from experiments

The Years 7-10 English program will introduce the students to analysing and interpreting data from experiments.

The students will learn how to conduct different experiments and draw conclusions from the results.

Writing reports and experiments

Writing reports is essential in English and that’s why our program will teach students how to write reports from experiments they have conducted and interpret the results.

Lesson Breakdown


10 minutes


40 minutes


10 minutes

Difference at Q&A Eucation

Individualised focus

We believe in the importance of self-development for each of our students. Our experienced teachers and tutors will individually focus on each student to maximise their potential and provide guidance for success in the future.

Educated team

At Q&A Eucation, our team of teachers and tutors are very experienced in their subjects and are highly educated.

We source the finest teachers, so our students only receive the finest education.

Practical and interactive lessons

The core values at Q&A Eucation center around the student’s academic and personal success. Our lessons are taught in a very practical way which allows interaction between the students and teachers to encourage more engagement and discussion. We ensure our classroom environment is very relaxed, so the students are comfortable which makes learning easier for them.

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