Here is our Q&A Team

Adrian Williams


Advanced English 95/100

Extension 1 English 48/50

Adrian is currently studying Doctor of Medicine at University of Sydney, with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science. 

Adrian has a vast experience in tutoring primary and high school students, and even university students. He has a high level of teaching skills specialising in essay writing, debating and public speaking.




Christopher Luong


HSC ATAR: 96.05

Christopher is currently studying Bachelor of Commerce/Science (Computer Science) at University Of New South Wales.

Teaching Philosophy

"I believe a student benefits from one-on-one tutoring as they are provided with the opportunity to learn and improve their understanding of concepts at their own pace, rather than at the pace of a classroom."


Elise Choi


HSC ATAR: 99.8

1st in ESL

1st in Korean and Literature

Elise is currently studying Bachelor of applied science (Physiotherapy) at University of Sydney.

Elise has extensive career in teaching both primary and high school students, especially in English and Maths. She is greatly motivated and passionate in teaching students to help them overcome their limits and work towards their goal. 



HSC ATAR: 96.05

Advanced English 98/100

Extension 1 English 50/50

Extension 2 English 49/50

Kay is a top achiever in all levels of English with excellent essay writing skills for teaching high school students. She acquires a huge passion for teaching students and thrives to take her students to the next level.

1st in Advanced English

Advanced English 98/100

Rebecca is currently studying PhD in Comparative Literature at University of Sydney, with a Master of Arts in English & Creative Writing.  

Rebecca has more than 10 years of experience in teaching all levels of English to high school students.