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Year 7-10 Maths


Years 7-10 Maths


Our Years 7-10 Mathematics program will have lessons consisting of a lecture and discussion. In the lecture, the teacher will explain the coursework for the week and the teachers will allow time for discussion. The lesson will be taught by teachers who are well experienced and familiar with Mathematics.

The lessons will be taught for 1 hour by our teachers.

During our lectures, our teachers may use audio-visual equipment to help with teaching key mathematical concepts. There will be discussion times between students and teachers to help clear up any confusion with certain concepts learnt during the lecture. Our classes will have up to 15 students to ensure that all students are actively learning and contributing to the class discussion.

Course Overview

The years 7-10 Mathematics program will help students increase their skills in understanding, fluency, reasoning and problem solving in mathematics. The students will apply their skills and knowledge to mathematical concepts. The three mathematical concepts covered in this program include; number and algebra, measurement and geometry and statistics and probability.

What our Years 7-10 Students will develop

Increase knowledge of Mathematics

Students undertaking this program will gain a much more in depth understanding of the stage 4 Mathematics syllabus. This program is designed to expose the students to difficult, new and unique mathematics questions. Students will solve a large variety of questions as they progress through the course further increasing their knowledge.

Advance their problem-solving skills

Our Years 7-10 Mathematics education program will not just show the students new questions, but we will help develop their problem-solving skills. Mathematics is about understanding the concepts and applying the knowledge to different examples hence our program will ensure the students have advanced problem-solving skills.

Increase self-confidence

The Years 7-10 Mathematics education program will help increase the student’s confidence in their own abilities when participating in class discussions and doing schoolwork.

Lesson Breakdown


10 minutes


40 minutes


10 minutes

Difference at Q&A Eucation

Individualised focus

We believe in the importance of self-development for each of our students. Our experienced teachers and tutors will individually focus on each student to maximise their potential and provide guidance for success in the future.

Educated team

At Q&A Eucation, our team of teachers and tutors are very experienced in their subjects and are highly educated.

We source the finest teachers, so our students only receive the finest education.

Practical and interactive lessons

The core values at Q&A Eucation center around the student’s academic and personal success. Our lessons are taught in a very practical way which allows interaction between the students and teachers to encourage more engagement and discussion. We ensure our classroom environment is very relaxed, so the students are comfortable which makes learning easier for them.

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