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Years 11-12 Maths


Years 11-12 Mathematics

(Combining General, Advanced, Ext 1 and Ext 2: specifically Extensions)


At Q&A Education, we value the importance of individual learning. Providing assistance for all HSC Mathematics courses from highly educated, experienced teachers and tutors, we are here to help students gain knowledge and push through the most challenging last years of high school.


Achieve the results you want!


Combination of classes and one on one tutoring lessons are provided in an environment where tutors and students are able to communicate and discuss mathematical problems. This individualised learning methods, we believe, are the key to succeeding both academically and personally.

Course Overview

The General Mathematics program will help students increase their skills in understanding, fluency, reasoning and problem solving in mathematics. Our courses are designed around each of the Preliminary HSC Syllabus dot points and our course material clearly covers everything our students need to ace their Preliminary HSC.

What our General Maths Students will develop

Mastery of HSC Dot Points

Students undertaking this program will gain a mastery of HSC syllabus dot points. This program is designed to expose the students to difficult, new and unique mathematics questions. Students will solve a large variety of questions as they progress through the course further increasing their knowledge.

Mastery of Examination Skills

This course is exam focused not just on the knowledge demanded by the HSC Syllabus but is also focused on examination skills. A students ability to correctly use reading times and familiarity with marking criteria is plays a great role in how well he/she performs in exams. This is a comprehensive course which covers many examination skills and implements a monthly exams to keep students at peak performance.

Appreciation for Mathematics related careers

With high school graduations closing up, students are required to make a potentially life long career decision. It is no surprise that many students find themselves confused and lacking enough understanding of the real world to match their strengths with realistic goals. Our mentors and advisers are trained to clarify the potential of each course and its application to a ‘real world’ career.

Lesson Breakdown


10 minutes


40 minutes


10 minutes

Difference at Q&A Eucation

Individualised focus

We believe in the importance of self-development for each of our students. Our experienced teachers and tutors will individually focus on each student to maximise their potential and provide guidance for success in the future.

Educated team

At Q&A Eucation, our team of teachers and tutors are very experienced in their subjects and are highly educated.

We source the finest teachers, so our students only receive the finest education.

Practical and interactive lessons

The core values at Q&A Eucation center around the student’s academic and personal success. Our lessons are taught in a very practical way which allows interaction between the students and teachers to encourage more engagement and discussion. We ensure our classroom environment is very relaxed, so the students are comfortable which makes learning easier for them.

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