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Years 1-6 Naplan


Years 1-6 NAPLAN

We offers programs to help you prepare for NAPLAN, boost confidence and maximise results. Children in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 at ALL schools are required to sit four separate tests over three days between May 10-20. Tests are overseen by the teachers and principal at each school and usually take place in a hall or large classroom.

Although NAPLAN gives parents, teachers and schools an idea of where each individual student is at in their development, NAPLAN is primarily used as a benchmarking tool, taking a snapshot of how school children across the country are tracking in terms of the literacy and numeracy skills that we believe are essential for their progress. NAPLAN results are used in planning, and to determine which schools, programs or skills need to be prioritised and scrutinised.


Conventions of Langauge Exercise (1 of Grammar / Spelling / Punctuation)

Oral communication (Read Passage out loud)


Practise Writing sentences (Vocabulary, Handwriting, Grammar, Creativity)


Representing Whole Numbers A

• Counting (2 digit numbers)

• Odd/Even Numbers

• Number lines

• Groups of 10

• Partition 2-digit numbers

Representing Whole Numbers B

• Counting sequences of 1s and 10s

• Partition 3-digit numbers

• Units of 100 (e.g. context of money)

Geometric Measure A
• Position: Follow directions (forward, back, turn)
• Length: Measure using informal units, divide lengths to find halves and quarters

Geomteric Measure B
• Position: Explore simple maps, create pathways between familiar locations
• Length: Compare and order lengths using informal and formal units

Data A
• Gather data using tally marks, lists, symbols
• Use pictures as symbols to represent data
• Use comparative language to describe data
• Identify biggest or smallest values

Setting Up Years 1-6 For Success


English and Writing

English and Writing skills are fundamental to success in the Australian education system.



Q&A’s experienced teachers take students from a beginner to mastery of each Maths concept.


O.C & Selective

This course is aimed to develop all academic aspects required for success in OC&selective schools.

Communication Skill For Success


Public Speaking

Build confidence, eloquence, and charisma with a course designed for primary school students.



A unique debating course to develop your reasoning, counter-reasoning, and communication skills.



Master the different aspects of effective writing. We cover reports, essays, story writing, and more!

Lesson Breakdown


10 minutes


40 minutes


10 minutes

Difference at Q&A Eucation

Individualised focus

We believe in the importance of self-development for each of our students. Our experienced teachers and tutors will individually focus on each student to maximise their potential and provide guidance for success in the future.

Educated team

At Q&A Eucation, our team of teachers and tutors are very experienced in their subjects and are highly educated.

We source the finest teachers, so our students only receive the finest education.

Practical and interactive lessons

The core values at Q&A Eucation center around the student’s academic and personal success. Our lessons are taught in a very practical way which allows interaction between the students and teachers to encourage more engagement and discussion. We ensure our classroom environment is very relaxed, so the students are comfortable which makes learning easier for them.

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